Interesting Car Tyres Design

Eagle 360 Urban


Goodyear came up with a crazy update. Self-driving cars for spherical tyres. Sounds crazy? They just added a bionic skin WITH sensors that analyze the road and adapts to different road conditions.


This cool tyre is named the Eagle 360 Urban and was actually presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

The tyre isn’t build for user-driving vehicles and it’s actually build to be used with self-driving vehicles. It uses artificial intelligence to change stats automatically to its environment!

As Bruce Lee said, “Don’t be the cup, be like water”.

The outer layer/skin of the tyre is able to expand and contract because of it’s super-elastic polymer. The outer layer is strong, and because of it’s foam-like material, it can even hold the weight of a regular vehicle.

Goodyear names it as a bionic skin of sensors for the outer layer and. It actually sense driving conditions BEFORE feeding it back to the AI system!

Heard of tyres transforming?

This tyre will transform to adapt to the surrounding conditions via it’s system.

The tyre’s tread design will be reshaped by it’s individual section and the structure beneath the surface will have dimples added for wet days and the tread will change to a smoothing one for dry days. They made it similar to the human muscle.

With the function to repair itself, the smart tyre can detect tyre puncture and locate it with it’s sensors.

The tyre would then turn to make an alternate contact fix, and a “self-recuperating” process starts, with materials that are explicitly intended to have the option to stream towards the cut.

Self-healing tyres.


Vision Concept Tyre

Up next, Vision concept tyre by Michelin.

They released a concept that is a 3D-printed tyre. The funcions? I’m glad you ask..


All these were announced at the 2017 World Summit on Sustainable Mobility.

The tyre doesn’t depend on air, but with its interior architercture, it’s able to support the vehicle’s weight. Made with biodegradable materials, this tyre is impossible to get puncture or explode.

And of course its equipped with sensors which provide real-time information about it’s own condition and an application to allow the user to edit the destination of the tyre’s whenever needed.

Superelastic Tyre

The list wouldn’t be interesting if NASA isn’t part of it.

This Superelestic tyre was firstly designed for future missions TO MARS. YES. MARS.

It now can also be seen as an alternative to our ordinary tyres.

The tyre is composed of shape memory alloys and it can withstand excessive deformation and withstand high pressure without any permanent damage. NASA’s Glenn Research Centre and Goodyear actually developed this together.

Because of the materials used, this tyre cannot be punctured and this makes driving super safe.

Oxygene Tyre

Goodyear is back in the list. This time with it’s Oxygene Tyre. Released at Geneva Motor Show, this tyre is filled with living moss which absorbs moisture from the road and converting them into oxygen through photosynthesis.

This is only a 3D-printed concept for now. But how cool would it be to have a tyre that produces fresh oxygen!

This tyre was a solution to the impact of unsafe air quality levels in urban areas.

Not only does it produce fresh air, the tyre also generates electricity by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. This powers the tyre’s electronic features like AI and it’s sensors.

Roadless Wheels

This wheel on the list is designed to help the poor part of Africa.

The Roadless wheels, which is designed by a Royal College of Art graduate, replaces the traditional and tough way of carrying objects on their heads.

What people do when they have heavy objects when they visit the market, they would just carry it on their head.

This tyre acts like a flexible cage wheel, and because of it’s stainless steel components, it’s able to expand and contract via a level.

Very similar to a scissor jack which is used by car technicians for car repair work.

This wheel can be mounted and can be used on tricycles, trailers, wheelbarrows and light motorized vehicles.

What an interesting way to help solve problems, by using a wheel!

Air-Free Tyre

This is not a car tyre but the technology used is super interesting.

Speaking of technology, check out my post on the coolest car tyre technology here.

Designed by Bridgestone, this Air-free bicycle tyre is made with a spokes structure and this stretch along the inner sides to support the weight of the user.

What makes it awesome is that the materials used to make this tyre is from thermoplastic resin which is 100% recyclable.

I’m sure if it does well, it will translate into a tyre that even automobile vehicles can use as well!

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