Compilation of Cool Tyre Technologies

After browsing through many many tyre brands while tyre shopping around and about, I found super interesting technologies that tyres have and just have to share it here.

It’s a super long list but I think there’s even more so I tried to make it as short as possible. If not, I think it will be too long.

I also included information straight from their website but maybe I will create a more in-indepth version.


Goodyear Technology

Active Braking Technology

ActiveBraking Technology uses an innovative three-dimensional tread block design to increase contact between tyre and road during hard braking. The result is shorter braking distance on both wet and dry roads.

Durawall Technology

Durawall Technology helps make the sidewalls of our tyres more resistant to cuts and punctures.

Fuel Saving Technology

FuelSaving Technology combines a lightweight structure and optimised tyre shape with an advanced tread compound to reduce the energy required to roll. This lowers fuel consumption and cuts CO2 emissions.

HydroDrip Technology

With HydroGrip Technology, you can count on maximum grip, control and braking ability in wet weather conditions.

Quiet Tred Technology

The latest evolution of QuietTred Technology helps minimize tyre noise and reduce vibrations using noise dampening tread design as well as optimized cavity and carcass design.

Silent Armor Technology

SilentArmor Technology employs a super absorbent layer made with Dupont™ Kevlar™ between the tyre’s tread and underlying belts, bringing you a smoother and quieter riding experience.

SmartTred Weather Reactive Technology

SmartTred Weather Reactive Technology features performance-specific tread zones that enable the tyre to adapt to different road and weather conditions.

SportGrip Technology

SportGrip Technology offers precise handling and responsive grip supported by tread design and compound innovations. This means you’ll enjoy more responsive steering, less deformation when cornering and an incredible grip on wet roads.

TredLife Technology

TredLife Technology makes use of tread compound innovation and tread depth design. This results in outstanding mileage and prevents irregular wear during the life of the tyre.

TractiveGroove Technology

TractiveGroove Technology™ provides enhanced traction in deep mud and snow.

RunOnFlat technology

Our revolutionary RunOnFlat technology lets you drive for up to 80km on a flat tyre. Reinforced sidewalls in the tyre can support your car’s weight even with zero air pressure. Which means that instead of making dangerous roadside tyre changes, you can drive to a safe place to change them.

Sound Comfort Technology

SoundComfort tyres are designed with a built-in sound barrier. Like a cushion for your tyres, this acoustical barrier reduces air vibrations and dampens the interior noise in your car while you are driving, making the vehicle cabin half as quiet compared to regular tyres.

Seal Tech Technology

SealTech automatically seals punctures of up to 5mm in diameter in the tyre tread area.

Dura Seal Technologuy

DuraSeal instantly seals tread punctures so you can avoid the time-consuming, messy application of aftermarket sealants.

Reinforced Construction Technology

New Reinforced Construction Technology for improved steering precision and durability.

Grip Booster Technology

The new Grip Booster Technology has a grip booster compound with adhesive resin that ensures the tyre sticks to the road.

Pirelli Technology

SEAL INSIDE technology

Pirelli’s Self-Sealing tyres allow you to continue driving safely in the event of a puncture, maintaining complete control of the vehicle and taking road safety and driving pleasure to the next level.

Run-Flat technology

Pirelli’s Run-Flat technology maintains the tyre’s structural integrity and allows the vehicle to continue operating safely under the driver’s control.

Pirelli Noise Cancelling System (PNCS)

Pirelli’s unique Noise Cancelling System (PNCS) reduces road noise by up 25% delivering an ambience of serenity demanded by luxury carmakers and their discerning clientele.

Firestone Technology

5 Pitch Noise Reduction

5 Pitch Noise Reduction is a specialized approach to tread pattern design that reduces tyre noise levels for quieter driving. Tread block elements are arranged to produce noise, canceling sound waves when the tyre is in motion.

WeatherGripHP Tread Compound

WeatherGripHP Tread Compound is a special performance tread compound formulation containing SBR and L.L. Carbon in a blend designed to promote long-wearing durability and outstanding wet performance without sacrificing dry performance.

Multicell Tread

Displaces the thin layer of surface water that can cause a car to slide.

Computer Optimized Component System Technology (COCS)

This design hasn’t always been an exact science. Engineers relied on their experience and various design theories when developing new products. But now, our innovative COCS (Computer Optimized Component System) technology uses a supercomputer to determine the ideal combination of tread design, casing shape, materials, and construction based on consumer benefit criteria. Performing thousands of “what if” calculations and creating incredibly detailed tyre simulations, COCS takes the guesswork out of designing tyres. COCS makes it possible to create an endless diversity of tyre designs to meet the demands of the consumer of today and tomorrow.


EPO integrates the two leading-edge technologies, Dual-Layer Tread and EPC, to help provide excellent performance as the tyre wears.

Power VTread Pattern

Power VTread Pattern is derived from our original Indy racing rain tyre. By dispersing water out from the center of the tyre, the specially-angled, v-shaped pattern elements create improved water discharge. This results in better contact with wet roads, for outstanding wet performance and reduced risk of hydroplaning.

Spiral WrapShoulder Strips

Spiral WrapShoulder Strips are continuous nylon wraps used to reinforce the tyre. Placed between the steel belts and the tread, it encircles the entire tyre. Unlike the conventional wraps and layers, Spiral Wrap does not have a seam, so the tyre is reinforced without having an added stress point which could alter tyre shape and have a negative effect on tyre performance.


A reinforcing material used in conjunction with carbon black.

Hydro Evacuation Surface (H-E-S )

H-E-S (Hydro Evacuation Surface) reduces the risk of hydroplaning leading to better wet performance.


If you can imagine the inefficiency of a rolling egg, you can understand the inefficiency of many tyre and rim assemblies which are less than precisely round. Now, O-Bead changes the way the tyre interacts with the rim, creating a rounder assembly. The “bead” is a cable inside a tyre that helps the tyre grip on the rim. On most tyre, there are overlapped joints where the ends of the bead meet. O-Bead eliminates the overlapped joints by using a single, continuous strand of cable. This helps eliminate tiny, unwanted gaps between the tyre and the rim, and creates a rounder tyre assembly, for improved driving on straightaways and handling stability.

EPC Tread Compound 

EPC Tread Compound is a unique rubber compound that fights the effects of friction-related rubber hardening. Friction-related rubber hardening is one of the reasons tyres lose wet-surface performance as they wear.

Key Hole Sipe

A Key Hole Sipe is a slot with a cylindrical channel at the base. In a cross section of the tyre tread, this slot-and-channel configuration resembles a key hole. As the tread wears, the “key holes” emerge to help ensure a consistent tread pattern. These sipes help maintain continued wet performance and new tyre appearance.

Rim Guard

Rim Guard (45, 50, & 55 Series tyres) is a tough, raised rubber ridge that encircles the entire sidewall. Rim Guard protects wheels from damage by curbs and other objects.

Uni-Directional Pattern

Uni-Directional Pattern is a tread pattern design that maximizes both wet and dry performance, as well as other tyre characteristics. By specifying that the tread pattern is to be mounted on the vehicle in a single direction only, the many design compromises found in conventional tyres which can be mounted in two directions are eliminated. This provides the ability to include a wider variety of specific performance characteristics such as high resistance to hydroplaning in each tyre.

Zig-Zag Sipes

Zig-Zag Sipes are features on the Blizzak winter tyres. This leading-edge tread pattern helps improve performance in icy conditions.


C-S-C is a pattern of tread blocks designed for uniform contact pressure, improving dry and wet handling, reducing irregular wear, and resulting in better ride comfort.

L.L Carbon

Carbon black is a reinforcing material that strengthens rubber. All tyre manufacturers use it. But tyres with UNI-T technology use L.L. Carbon, an advanced form of carbon black that offers real advantages. Under a microscope, conventional carbon black particles look like bunches of grapes. L.L. Carbon molecules resemble long chains. Think of these as the equivalent of the long steel rods used to reinforce concrete. Because this molecular structure absorbs and spreads road stresses over a larger area, you get a stronger tyre better able to resist cracking, chipping, tearing, and excessive wear.

Dual-Layer Tread

Dual-Layer Tread was developed to ensure that tyres maintain wet performance as they wear. Tyres with Dual-Layer Tread have two kinds of rubber in the tread, both containing EPC. As the tyre wears, a higher grip layer is exposed. This minimizes the effect of wear on worn wet tyre performance and helps maintain more consistent handling. It also helps prevent the increase in noise that tends to occur as the tread wears.

Bridgestone Technology


NanoPro-Tech is a fundamental technology for a wide range of Bridgestone tyres, such as passenger tyres, motorcycle tyres,truck & bus tyres, and aircraft tyres.

The primary material used in producing tyres is rubber – both natural and synthetic. Rubber compounds used for tyres are complex made from various materials, such as carbon black and silica(*1) for reinforcement and chemicals for degradation control. Tyres also use various other materials inside, such as steel cords and synthetic fibers.

Dunlop Technology

Noise Shield Technology

A tyre technology that cuts interior sound levels by up to 50%.*

It works by bonding an advanced polyurethane foam layer to the tyre’s inner surface to reduce interior vehicle noise, without compromising performance capabilities.

Multi Blade System

A multiple-blade tyre that rises to the challenges that extreme and varied winter driving conditions can throw at you. Each type of blade excels in particular conditions, making the tyre suitable for all kinds of winter weather.

Specific Bead Seat System

A system that strengthens the link between tyre and rim to give you maximum control, a more precise driving experience and outstanding road feedback.

Run On Flat Tyres

Don’t let a puncture prevent you from reaching your destination. Our RunOnFlat tyres use technology that lets you drive up to 50 miles on a flat tyre.

Maximum Flange Shield

The Dunlop MFS (Maximum Flange Shield) system is a rim flange protection system. A profile of rubber runs around the circumference of the tyre, creating a buffer zone for the rim.

Hybrid Overlay Technology

Jointless nylon bandage with 0° layer. This Hybrid Overlay Technology guarantees reduced circumferential deformation at high speed.

Dual Silica Compound

A dual silica compound that guarantees low wear and tear, and improves acceleration.

Silica-Plus Compound

The silica-plus rubber compound is a motorsport-derived tread compound that gives better adherence to the road.

Continental Technology


Uses tyre sensors to measure tread depth and temperature and alerts drivers to tyre damage – data transmission via electrically conductive rubber.


Adjusts tyre pressure and rim width to adapt contact patch to road conditions.

Seat Comfort Systems

Vehicle occupants have a choice of heated seat and climate controlled seat functionalities. Up to twelve directions of adjustment adapt the seat to each individual body in a matter of seconds. These adjustment settings can, of course, be stored in memory and recalled at any time. 


ContiSeal™ is a technology designed to seal a damaged tyre tread.

ContiSeal™ reduces the consequences of tyre tread damage: punctures up to 5 mm in diameter (e.g. nail damage) are sealed immediately thanks to a unique technology.

Unrestricted driving performance identical to that of a tyre without ContiSeal™ technology under normal operation.

There you have it!

I didn’t think the list would be that long tbh..

While researching, I even found futuristic tyres. Like tyres that’s made for space and many other interesting ones.

Goodyear seems like they have the most technologies!

These are all for the list for now!

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