Best Car Tyre Shop in SG

I recently went to purchase my car tyres from Amtyre , a Singapore car tyre shop. This is my experience!

Going down to an automobile workshop throughout weekends might not be the ideal family trip one look ahead to throughout weekends.

I made a trip to Automobile Tyre or Amtyre for short.

Amtyre has service customers in Singapore since 1999. It is a brand with for automobile owners in Singapore. I discovered it was a whole lot more than I thought.

Before I begin researching Amtyre, I chose to go down to the workshop instead.

It wa a fantastic thing that Amtyre includes a air conditioned lounge for car owners waiting to get ready. There were plenty of seats. I can see my car while still enjoying perks such as free tea and coffee.

The majority of the patrons were there to change their car tyres. In the auto workshop, it has modern machinery that could rival workshops. Save for the supercars, I have been advised that Amtyre can support almost allcars on the marketplace.

Just a little trick, if you reserve in advance for servicing, then you’d probably just have to watch for a hour or 2 to get your own car to be prepared. In comparison to’losing’ the car for an entire day in workshops that are accredited, this can be just another incentive.

Transparency is central. Costs for each tyre are nett prices. No hidden costs which is always good!

Additionally, Amtyre do supply free fitting and wheel alignment. I reckoned this will benefit all car owners because they do not have to pay extra for these services.

I headed to do some window shopping, while I waited for my car to be ready.

Since Amtyre is interchangeable with tyres and rims, I decided to make our first stop.

I was given a suggestion on picking tyres. The staff clarified not all of tyres are made equal. Some stores may offer you tyres at a rate that is more affordable, but they’re actually used tyres. Amtyre only sell new tyres!

There is a lot of sizes available in Amtyre’s store.

I see 2 main brands, Goodyear and Linglong.

For all those going for premium option, Goodyear tyres are available and for those that prefers budget options, Linglong tyres fit the bill.

If you’re seeking a fantastic bargain, keep an eye out on their Facebook page. They have promotions from time to time.

In one hour, my car tyre was installed and ready to go. It was great to see reviews and nett prices before actually buying the tyres. With a company that offers all these, I definitely recommend them and would go back again.

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