About Me

Being a car fanatic since I was young, I loved car parts, car accessories and everything car related. Car tyres was what interested me the most because of it details and designs.

I used to own many different cars but sold them and settled on a BMW 3 Series. Loving it so far. Sometimes I would change my set of tyres even if it’s not time, just so I can try out the feel and comfort of other tyre models.

I like experiencing different tyres on my own to really feel if there’s any difference. I can spend days reading about tyre treads, the technologies behind them, and silly things like why are tyres spelt tyres in some countries and spelt tires in another country.

I’ve always wanted to document anything and everything I find interesting here to share with others so all the things I share are mostly based on personal experience.

I’m excited to find out whats new, whats outdated, whats coming up, whats interesting in the tyre world and sharing it with you. Let the adventure begin with my favorite recommended car tyres!