Best Car Tyre Shop in SG

I recently went to purchase my car tyres from Amtyre , a Singapore car tyre shop. This is my experience!

Going down to an automobile workshop throughout weekends might not be the ideal family trip one look ahead to throughout weekends.

I made a trip to Automobile Tyre or Amtyre for short.

Amtyre has service customers in Singapore since 1999. It is a brand with for automobile owners in Singapore. I discovered it was a whole lot more than I thought.

Before I begin researching Amtyre, I chose to go down to the workshop instead.

It wa a fantastic thing that Amtyre includes a air conditioned lounge for car owners waiting to get ready. There were plenty of seats. I can see my car while still enjoying perks such as free tea and coffee.

The majority of the patrons were there to change their car tyres. In the auto workshop, it has modern machinery that could rival workshops. Save for the supercars, I have been advised that Amtyre can support almost allcars on the marketplace.

Just a little trick, if you reserve in advance for servicing, then you’d probably just have to watch for a hour or 2 to get your own car to be prepared. In comparison to’losing’ the car for an entire day in workshops that are accredited, this can be just another incentive.

Transparency is central. Costs for each tyre are nett prices. No hidden costs which is always good!

Additionally, Amtyre do supply free fitting and wheel alignment. I reckoned this will benefit all car owners because they do not have to pay extra for these services.

I headed to do some window shopping, while I waited for my car to be ready.

Since Amtyre is interchangeable with tyres and rims, I decided to make our first stop.

I was given a suggestion on picking tyres. The staff clarified not all of tyres are made equal. Some stores may offer you tyres at a rate that is more affordable, but they’re actually used tyres. Amtyre only sell new tyres!

There is a lot of sizes available in Amtyre’s store.

I see 2 main brands, Goodyear and Linglong.

For all those going for premium option, Goodyear tyres are available and for those that prefers budget options, Linglong tyres fit the bill.

If you’re seeking a fantastic bargain, keep an eye out on their Facebook page. They have promotions from time to time.

In one hour, my car tyre was installed and ready to go. It was great to see reviews and nett prices before actually buying the tyres. With a company that offers all these, I definitely recommend them and would go back again.

My tips on how to take care of my car tyres

Tyres are one of the main components of the vehicle. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t look after them properly, which can have serious consequences. Not only can it undermine the function of the vehicle and result in expensive repairs, but it could also wind up putting yourself and others at risk of a road collision.

If you want to keep your car or truck safe and roadworthy, it is critical to make sure your tyres are maintained at all times. Here are a couple of straightforward steps that I take, which you should too, to keep your tyres in tip top condition.

Be Careful When Mounting the Kerb

Whether you are driving around the park on a busy street or you’re attempting to get around an obstacle in the road, sometimes mounting the kerb could be unavoidable. But it is essential to be mindful once you’re maneuvering your vehicle this manner – particularly in the event that you would like to maintain your car in tip top condition.

Ideally, you should avoid mounting the kerb entirely, but if you have to, make sure you’re careful on your approach. Climb the kerb gradually at a smooth angle and ensure you don’t scrape up the side of the sidewalk to prevent damaging your tyres.

Examine the Pressure Frequently

Tyre pressure may have a considerable effect on your vehicle’s steering, handling, braking and total mileage. If tyres are over or under inflated, it can increase fuel consumption and make them susceptible to wear and tear. Worse, having the wrong pressure can lead to a blowout, which may cause you to lose control of the car!

To prevent placing yourself and any passengers in danger or needing to call for breakdown assistance, it is critical to make sure that you check your tyre pressure at least each month, including your spare if you have any. You should also check the pressure for long journeys or if your vehicle is carrying a heavier load than usual.

The pressure can be assessed at your local petrol station or with your own pressure gauge and have to be performed when the tyres are cold to ensure you achieve an accurate reading. The owner’s manual also contain recommendations for the best tyre pressure for your vehicle if you are unsure. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the pressure number marked on the tyres is that the absolute maximum the tyre can take and shouldn’t be used as an indicator for everyday use.

Check Car Tyre Tread

Tyre treads have an immediate impact not just on the performance of your vehicle, but also its overall safety, particularly in poor weather conditions. The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm, so it is vital to be sure it does not go below this limit. If the tread is at or below the minimum depth, your tyres need to be replaced immediately.

Remember, driving an automobile with tyres under this limitation is not only illegal but also extremely dangerous and will cause your car to have problems when driving. Obtaining the appropriate depth is essential to ensuring very good control and maximizing the protection of your automobile.

Check for Any Wear and Tear or Tyre Damage

Additionally, it is essential for drivers to do a physical check of their tyres and watch out for any signs of unusual wear/tear or damage. This can include cuts, bulges or any items that have punctured the tyre. If you discover any of these problems, you’ll have to get them checked by a professional mechanic and repaired if needed. In some cases, the tyre will have to be replaced entirely with a brand new one.

If you receive a puncture while driving, replace it with the spare. If you don’t have a spare, pull up by the roadside and call for assistance. Keep in mind that spare tyres are created just for temporary use and should be swapped with a routine one when possible.

Importance of Wheels Alignment

Getting your wheels out of alignment can also cause problems for your own car. Incorrectly aligned tyres can lead to uneven wear and tear, which may weaken the tyres and make them more prone to damage. In addition, it can decrease the driver’s control of the car and increase fuel consumption.

Whenever you’re getting your vehicle looked over or using new tyres wear at a garage, make sure the alignment is assessed and corrected if need be.

Do Not Overload Your Car

Overloading your vehicle could be more hazardous than you think. A vehicle that is carrying a great deal of weight can compromise the tyre and cause excessive wear on the tyres due to excess heat. This may give rise to a tyre explosion and put you at risk of experiencing a road accident.

Fortunately, most dealerships today incorporate a label which will indicates the tyre load indicator marked on it. Take care not to exceed the recommended amount. You may also have the ability to find out how much weight your vehicle can safely manage on the placard on the door frame.

Practice Good Driving Habits

In addition to basic maintenance, in addition, it is important that you practice good driving habits to keep your tyres in top shape. Excessive acceleration or braking whilst driving, or continuously stopping and starting in traffic, may have a detrimental effect on your tyres and make them wear more rapidly.

Bearing that in mind, try to drive as smoothly and consistently as possible and avoid excessive speeds. You also need to try to steer clear of any irregular road surfaces and other risks such as potholes and be careful to slow down for speed bumps to prevent the brakes from being knocked out of alignment.

If you wanna find out more, here’s an article I came across about good driving habits.

Obviously, these are simply a few ways that you can ensure your tyres are in good shape, but they should provide you some ideas of how you can improve the performance, comfort and security of your vehicle.

These are the few tips I personally use so I hope it helps you out! Also, check out my post where I recommended some of my absolute favorite car tyre brands.

Compilation of Cool Tyre Technologies

After browsing through many many tyre brands while tyre shopping around and about, I found super interesting technologies that tyres have and just have to share it here.

It’s a super long list but I think there’s even more so I tried to make it as short as possible. If not, I think it will be too long.

I also included information straight from their website but maybe I will create a more in-indepth version.


Goodyear Technology

Active Braking Technology

ActiveBraking Technology uses an innovative three-dimensional tread block design to increase contact between tyre and road during hard braking. The result is shorter braking distance on both wet and dry roads.

Durawall Technology

Durawall Technology helps make the sidewalls of our tyres more resistant to cuts and punctures.

Fuel Saving Technology

FuelSaving Technology combines a lightweight structure and optimised tyre shape with an advanced tread compound to reduce the energy required to roll. This lowers fuel consumption and cuts CO2 emissions.

HydroDrip Technology

With HydroGrip Technology, you can count on maximum grip, control and braking ability in wet weather conditions.

Quiet Tred Technology

The latest evolution of QuietTred Technology helps minimize tyre noise and reduce vibrations using noise dampening tread design as well as optimized cavity and carcass design.

Silent Armor Technology

SilentArmor Technology employs a super absorbent layer made with Dupont™ Kevlar™ between the tyre’s tread and underlying belts, bringing you a smoother and quieter riding experience.

SmartTred Weather Reactive Technology

SmartTred Weather Reactive Technology features performance-specific tread zones that enable the tyre to adapt to different road and weather conditions.

SportGrip Technology

SportGrip Technology offers precise handling and responsive grip supported by tread design and compound innovations. This means you’ll enjoy more responsive steering, less deformation when cornering and an incredible grip on wet roads.

TredLife Technology

TredLife Technology makes use of tread compound innovation and tread depth design. This results in outstanding mileage and prevents irregular wear during the life of the tyre.

TractiveGroove Technology

TractiveGroove Technology™ provides enhanced traction in deep mud and snow.

RunOnFlat technology

Our revolutionary RunOnFlat technology lets you drive for up to 80km on a flat tyre. Reinforced sidewalls in the tyre can support your car’s weight even with zero air pressure. Which means that instead of making dangerous roadside tyre changes, you can drive to a safe place to change them.

Sound Comfort Technology

SoundComfort tyres are designed with a built-in sound barrier. Like a cushion for your tyres, this acoustical barrier reduces air vibrations and dampens the interior noise in your car while you are driving, making the vehicle cabin half as quiet compared to regular tyres.

Seal Tech Technology

SealTech automatically seals punctures of up to 5mm in diameter in the tyre tread area.

Dura Seal Technologuy

DuraSeal instantly seals tread punctures so you can avoid the time-consuming, messy application of aftermarket sealants.

Reinforced Construction Technology

New Reinforced Construction Technology for improved steering precision and durability.

Grip Booster Technology

The new Grip Booster Technology has a grip booster compound with adhesive resin that ensures the tyre sticks to the road.

Pirelli Technology

SEAL INSIDE technology

Pirelli’s Self-Sealing tyres allow you to continue driving safely in the event of a puncture, maintaining complete control of the vehicle and taking road safety and driving pleasure to the next level.

Run-Flat technology

Pirelli’s Run-Flat technology maintains the tyre’s structural integrity and allows the vehicle to continue operating safely under the driver’s control.

Pirelli Noise Cancelling System (PNCS)

Pirelli’s unique Noise Cancelling System (PNCS) reduces road noise by up 25% delivering an ambience of serenity demanded by luxury carmakers and their discerning clientele.

Firestone Technology

5 Pitch Noise Reduction

5 Pitch Noise Reduction is a specialized approach to tread pattern design that reduces tyre noise levels for quieter driving. Tread block elements are arranged to produce noise, canceling sound waves when the tyre is in motion.

WeatherGripHP Tread Compound

WeatherGripHP Tread Compound is a special performance tread compound formulation containing SBR and L.L. Carbon in a blend designed to promote long-wearing durability and outstanding wet performance without sacrificing dry performance.

Multicell Tread

Displaces the thin layer of surface water that can cause a car to slide.

Computer Optimized Component System Technology (COCS)

This design hasn’t always been an exact science. Engineers relied on their experience and various design theories when developing new products. But now, our innovative COCS (Computer Optimized Component System) technology uses a supercomputer to determine the ideal combination of tread design, casing shape, materials, and construction based on consumer benefit criteria. Performing thousands of “what if” calculations and creating incredibly detailed tyre simulations, COCS takes the guesswork out of designing tyres. COCS makes it possible to create an endless diversity of tyre designs to meet the demands of the consumer of today and tomorrow.


EPO integrates the two leading-edge technologies, Dual-Layer Tread and EPC, to help provide excellent performance as the tyre wears.

Power VTread Pattern

Power VTread Pattern is derived from our original Indy racing rain tyre. By dispersing water out from the center of the tyre, the specially-angled, v-shaped pattern elements create improved water discharge. This results in better contact with wet roads, for outstanding wet performance and reduced risk of hydroplaning.

Spiral WrapShoulder Strips

Spiral WrapShoulder Strips are continuous nylon wraps used to reinforce the tyre. Placed between the steel belts and the tread, it encircles the entire tyre. Unlike the conventional wraps and layers, Spiral Wrap does not have a seam, so the tyre is reinforced without having an added stress point which could alter tyre shape and have a negative effect on tyre performance.


A reinforcing material used in conjunction with carbon black.

Hydro Evacuation Surface (H-E-S )

H-E-S (Hydro Evacuation Surface) reduces the risk of hydroplaning leading to better wet performance.


If you can imagine the inefficiency of a rolling egg, you can understand the inefficiency of many tyre and rim assemblies which are less than precisely round. Now, O-Bead changes the way the tyre interacts with the rim, creating a rounder assembly. The “bead” is a cable inside a tyre that helps the tyre grip on the rim. On most tyre, there are overlapped joints where the ends of the bead meet. O-Bead eliminates the overlapped joints by using a single, continuous strand of cable. This helps eliminate tiny, unwanted gaps between the tyre and the rim, and creates a rounder tyre assembly, for improved driving on straightaways and handling stability.

EPC Tread Compound 

EPC Tread Compound is a unique rubber compound that fights the effects of friction-related rubber hardening. Friction-related rubber hardening is one of the reasons tyres lose wet-surface performance as they wear.

Key Hole Sipe

A Key Hole Sipe is a slot with a cylindrical channel at the base. In a cross section of the tyre tread, this slot-and-channel configuration resembles a key hole. As the tread wears, the “key holes” emerge to help ensure a consistent tread pattern. These sipes help maintain continued wet performance and new tyre appearance.

Rim Guard

Rim Guard (45, 50, & 55 Series tyres) is a tough, raised rubber ridge that encircles the entire sidewall. Rim Guard protects wheels from damage by curbs and other objects.

Uni-Directional Pattern

Uni-Directional Pattern is a tread pattern design that maximizes both wet and dry performance, as well as other tyre characteristics. By specifying that the tread pattern is to be mounted on the vehicle in a single direction only, the many design compromises found in conventional tyres which can be mounted in two directions are eliminated. This provides the ability to include a wider variety of specific performance characteristics such as high resistance to hydroplaning in each tyre.

Zig-Zag Sipes

Zig-Zag Sipes are features on the Blizzak winter tyres. This leading-edge tread pattern helps improve performance in icy conditions.


C-S-C is a pattern of tread blocks designed for uniform contact pressure, improving dry and wet handling, reducing irregular wear, and resulting in better ride comfort.

L.L Carbon

Carbon black is a reinforcing material that strengthens rubber. All tyre manufacturers use it. But tyres with UNI-T technology use L.L. Carbon, an advanced form of carbon black that offers real advantages. Under a microscope, conventional carbon black particles look like bunches of grapes. L.L. Carbon molecules resemble long chains. Think of these as the equivalent of the long steel rods used to reinforce concrete. Because this molecular structure absorbs and spreads road stresses over a larger area, you get a stronger tyre better able to resist cracking, chipping, tearing, and excessive wear.

Dual-Layer Tread

Dual-Layer Tread was developed to ensure that tyres maintain wet performance as they wear. Tyres with Dual-Layer Tread have two kinds of rubber in the tread, both containing EPC. As the tyre wears, a higher grip layer is exposed. This minimizes the effect of wear on worn wet tyre performance and helps maintain more consistent handling. It also helps prevent the increase in noise that tends to occur as the tread wears.

Bridgestone Technology


NanoPro-Tech is a fundamental technology for a wide range of Bridgestone tyres, such as passenger tyres, motorcycle tyres,truck & bus tyres, and aircraft tyres.

The primary material used in producing tyres is rubber – both natural and synthetic. Rubber compounds used for tyres are complex made from various materials, such as carbon black and silica(*1) for reinforcement and chemicals for degradation control. Tyres also use various other materials inside, such as steel cords and synthetic fibers.

Dunlop Technology

Noise Shield Technology

A tyre technology that cuts interior sound levels by up to 50%.*

It works by bonding an advanced polyurethane foam layer to the tyre’s inner surface to reduce interior vehicle noise, without compromising performance capabilities.

Multi Blade System

A multiple-blade tyre that rises to the challenges that extreme and varied winter driving conditions can throw at you. Each type of blade excels in particular conditions, making the tyre suitable for all kinds of winter weather.

Specific Bead Seat System

A system that strengthens the link between tyre and rim to give you maximum control, a more precise driving experience and outstanding road feedback.

Run On Flat Tyres

Don’t let a puncture prevent you from reaching your destination. Our RunOnFlat tyres use technology that lets you drive up to 50 miles on a flat tyre.

Maximum Flange Shield

The Dunlop MFS (Maximum Flange Shield) system is a rim flange protection system. A profile of rubber runs around the circumference of the tyre, creating a buffer zone for the rim.

Hybrid Overlay Technology

Jointless nylon bandage with 0° layer. This Hybrid Overlay Technology guarantees reduced circumferential deformation at high speed.

Dual Silica Compound

A dual silica compound that guarantees low wear and tear, and improves acceleration.

Silica-Plus Compound

The silica-plus rubber compound is a motorsport-derived tread compound that gives better adherence to the road.

Continental Technology


Uses tyre sensors to measure tread depth and temperature and alerts drivers to tyre damage – data transmission via electrically conductive rubber.


Adjusts tyre pressure and rim width to adapt contact patch to road conditions.

Seat Comfort Systems

Vehicle occupants have a choice of heated seat and climate controlled seat functionalities. Up to twelve directions of adjustment adapt the seat to each individual body in a matter of seconds. These adjustment settings can, of course, be stored in memory and recalled at any time. 


ContiSeal™ is a technology designed to seal a damaged tyre tread.

ContiSeal™ reduces the consequences of tyre tread damage: punctures up to 5 mm in diameter (e.g. nail damage) are sealed immediately thanks to a unique technology.

Unrestricted driving performance identical to that of a tyre without ContiSeal™ technology under normal operation.

There you have it!

I didn’t think the list would be that long tbh..

While researching, I even found futuristic tyres. Like tyres that’s made for space and many other interesting ones.

Goodyear seems like they have the most technologies!

These are all for the list for now!

My Top 3 Recommended Car Tyre Brands

There are sooooo many car tyres out there in the market. Branded ones to budgets ones. Cheap ones to crazy expensives ones.

Deciding which tyre brands to buy for your car is easy. Pick the right size, slap it on, and youre done.


If you’re like me, that takes shopping tyre like shopping for house, then you would be doing more research like me. If you’re a geek about tyres like me, you will probably do research. Not just simple research like the price..

I’m talking about IN-DEPTH.. like the technologies used, how the technologies work, whats the test results for each car tyre, the braking distance on wet and dry conditions, you get the idea of it.

I’ve researched a bunch and every brand and their own models have their own unique features so I came up with 3 brands that I personally would recommend.


Michelin has been around since long time ago and it’s one of the biggest player in the market. And there’s a reason for it.


Their tyres usually come with warranty. Either with tread mile or years waranty (usually 6 years). You don’t have to worry about paying extra if your tyres have problem because of the warranty. Not that you would need it because the quality of the tyre is already good, but this gives you a ease of worry about future costs for tyre problems.


The quality of Michelin tyres is one of, if not the best in the tyre market. They actually create tyres with a deep understanding of drivers and their environment and patterns.

To make each tyre, they use different components which they make and developed themselves. They then combine more than 200 of these components to create each tyre.

Not only that, for creating components that want, they create their own machines to create that components as well. This shows in the quality of their tyres and unfortunately, it’s slightly pricier but hey, at least you know you’re paying for quality.


Continental tyres are priced slightly below really expensive tyres, but are still considered pricey options. They also have been in the market for long and not without reason.

Test Winning Tyres

They have recently won 3 test from auto express.

  1. Tyre Test Winner
  2. Tyre Test All Season Winner
  3. Tyre Test Winter Winner

As you know, or you may not know, auto express is one of the regconised brands for tyre testings and they are well known in the industry. So this means these tests are not of low level.

Quality/Price Balance

While they are still considered expensive, Continental tyres are the best option if you don’t want to break your bank and still get quality for your car.

Their innovation for tyres is of the best. Their tyres are designed and developed by Germans and their workmanship are one of the best. They also introduce cool and sustainable technologies to their tyres.


Probably the largest tyre manufacturer out in the car market. They own other renown brands like Dunlop and many other mid-economy range brands such as the mid-range brand Fulda.

Tyre Technology

They have multiple technologies for their tyres.

  1. Active braking Technology
  2. Durawall Technology
  3. Fuel-Saving Technology
  4. HydroDrip Technology
  5. Quiet Tred Technology
  6. Silent Armor Technology
  7. Smart Tred Weather Reactive
  8. SportGrip Technology
  9. Tred Life Technology
  10. Tractive Technology

And these are just the ones they listed on their website. There’s still a couple more not listed!

Performance For Dry Roads

Their specialize in dry grip and handling and tests have shown that they perform better in dry conditions than in wet conditions. Not only that, the wear and tear on Goodyear tyres are slower so you can use your tyres longer before changing them.

Based on my own thoughts

These are all of course based on my own thoughts and research. I personally own Goodyear tyres and I loved them as compared to Michelin or Continental.

You can also check out my best recommended car tyre shop in Singapore .

Interesting Car Tyres Design

Eagle 360 Urban


Goodyear came up with a crazy update. Self-driving cars for spherical tyres. Sounds crazy? They just added a bionic skin WITH sensors that analyze the road and adapts to different road conditions.


This cool tyre is named the Eagle 360 Urban and was actually presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

The tyre isn’t build for user-driving vehicles and it’s actually build to be used with self-driving vehicles. It uses artificial intelligence to change stats automatically to its environment!

As Bruce Lee said, “Don’t be the cup, be like water”.

The outer layer/skin of the tyre is able to expand and contract because of it’s super-elastic polymer. The outer layer is strong, and because of it’s foam-like material, it can even hold the weight of a regular vehicle.

Goodyear names it as a bionic skin of sensors for the outer layer and. It actually sense driving conditions BEFORE feeding it back to the AI system!

Heard of tyres transforming?

This tyre will transform to adapt to the surrounding conditions via it’s system.

The tyre’s tread design will be reshaped by it’s individual section and the structure beneath the surface will have dimples added for wet days and the tread will change to a smoothing one for dry days. They made it similar to the human muscle.

With the function to repair itself, the smart tyre can detect tyre puncture and locate it with it’s sensors.

The tyre would then turn to make an alternate contact fix, and a “self-recuperating” process starts, with materials that are explicitly intended to have the option to stream towards the cut.

Self-healing tyres.


Vision Concept Tyre

Up next, Vision concept tyre by Michelin.

They released a concept that is a 3D-printed tyre. The funcions? I’m glad you ask..


All these were announced at the 2017 World Summit on Sustainable Mobility.

The tyre doesn’t depend on air, but with its interior architercture, it’s able to support the vehicle’s weight. Made with biodegradable materials, this tyre is impossible to get puncture or explode.

And of course its equipped with sensors which provide real-time information about it’s own condition and an application to allow the user to edit the destination of the tyre’s whenever needed.

Superelastic Tyre

The list wouldn’t be interesting if NASA isn’t part of it.

This Superelestic tyre was firstly designed for future missions TO MARS. YES. MARS.

It now can also be seen as an alternative to our ordinary tyres.

The tyre is composed of shape memory alloys and it can withstand excessive deformation and withstand high pressure without any permanent damage. NASA’s Glenn Research Centre and Goodyear actually developed this together.

Because of the materials used, this tyre cannot be punctured and this makes driving super safe.

Oxygene Tyre

Goodyear is back in the list. This time with it’s Oxygene Tyre. Released at Geneva Motor Show, this tyre is filled with living moss which absorbs moisture from the road and converting them into oxygen through photosynthesis.

This is only a 3D-printed concept for now. But how cool would it be to have a tyre that produces fresh oxygen!

This tyre was a solution to the impact of unsafe air quality levels in urban areas.

Not only does it produce fresh air, the tyre also generates electricity by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. This powers the tyre’s electronic features like AI and it’s sensors.

Roadless Wheels

This wheel on the list is designed to help the poor part of Africa.

The Roadless wheels, which is designed by a Royal College of Art graduate, replaces the traditional and tough way of carrying objects on their heads.

What people do when they have heavy objects when they visit the market, they would just carry it on their head.

This tyre acts like a flexible cage wheel, and because of it’s stainless steel components, it’s able to expand and contract via a level.

Very similar to a scissor jack which is used by car technicians for car repair work.

This wheel can be mounted and can be used on tricycles, trailers, wheelbarrows and light motorized vehicles.

What an interesting way to help solve problems, by using a wheel!

Air-Free Tyre

This is not a car tyre but the technology used is super interesting.

Speaking of technology, check out my post on the coolest car tyre technology here.

Designed by Bridgestone, this Air-free bicycle tyre is made with a spokes structure and this stretch along the inner sides to support the weight of the user.

What makes it awesome is that the materials used to make this tyre is from thermoplastic resin which is 100% recyclable.

I’m sure if it does well, it will translate into a tyre that even automobile vehicles can use as well!

A Blog For Car Tyres Fanatics

How it all started..

I’ve always loved cars since i was little. Since young, my dad worked in a car work shop and I would always helped out after school. That’s when I was exposed to amazing looking cars and their modifications. Car owners would drive in with their Honda’s, Mazda’s, Maserati’s and the list could go on. I would run around different cars pretending to help, just to take a peep in their interiors.

What really caught my eye

But what attracted me the most were their rims and tyres. I always liked how the tyre treads looked like and how the tyres moved. The design of each tyre is different and patterns are interestingly coordinated.

To me, the tyres of each car looks like the shoes on people. There are different tyres for different purposes. From asymmetric treads to symmetric treads, run-on-flat tyres to grip tyres, and the different technologies they have, it fascinated me.

How different technologies worked and what they’re meant for is like rocket science to me. (I love rocket science by the way.) I would ask the drivers that came to the shop silly questions like “why did you choose this tyres?”, or “that tyre looks weird on your car, why did you buy that?”

Thank god they’re friendly.

They explained why they got their tyres and I was so emmersed by how their decisions were made because of the little details that were involved.

If their treads were different, they tyre will wear sooner, how different treads will play a part in their speed, how different grip will affect the braking distance, and how different tyres can affect the noise levels in their car!

I was blown away by the beauty in the details and ever since then, I started to really pay attention to car tyres. When an amazing car drives by, the first thing my eyes focused on were what tyres they have. I know, it’s weird but I don’t think I’m the only funny one out there.

And so I created this blog!

I want to list down certain tips and tricks I use to keep my tyres in a good condition and also the different details and findings about car tyres in this blog.

So if I found anything that interest me in the car tyre world, I will post them here and hopefully share with anyone who drops by or have the same fascination I have.

Personally, I’ve tried different kinds of tyres and will keep trying different kinds of tyres, just like how people change shoes every time, I like to change the shoes on my ride from time to time.

There’s a list of brand I’ve tried and can recommend and I think I might put out other interesting things I’ve found in my journey with car tyres.
I know, it sounds weird when I put it that way but you get the idea.

The tyres I currently have on my BMW are the good year efficientgrip. I’m liking them so far and I might also do a review on my experience. Hopefully I have the time!